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Which Religion Is Right

 Which Religion Is Right

Once we accept the probability that we did not  evolve from primates (monkeys etc) it is likely; then that you may ask the question, which religion is right? The main religions have a number of things in common and there are other writings that explain why Christianity is unique. In this summary however, we will focus on  evidence that lays outside theology.

It is all in the detail
Firstly, from the start of the bible and throughout the Old Testament we notice something fundamentally different about the bible which is not found in any other religious book: THE NUMBER OF PEOPLE INVOLVED. The Holy Bible is not a private revelation experience written by one person or a small number of people. If you look again at the Old Testament you will see the direct involvement of the creator in the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. The names, places, dates, and interactions between them both good and bad with extensive descriptions are there deliberately to allow the sceptic to fact check the incident. And although the cynic will attempt to argue that we cannot confirm many of the events written in the Bible in the 21st century; the accuracy of the bible just in terms of its geography references and historical reference to the kings and their kingdoms by far exceed any other theological text affecting real people.

The evidence is too overwhelming numerically to all but the cynic
Secondly, if we look at just 3 incidents in the New Testament for example, it is difficult to come to the conclusion that a large number of the key events in the bible did not happen, even though we were not there to witness the following events. In the eye witness account of Matthew in chapters 14 and 15 in which Jesus Christ feeds at least 5000 Jews with five loaves of bread and two fish, close to the Sea of Galilee , and then at least 4000 Gentiles, in the region of the Gerasenes, in the region around the Decapolis, in around the year 30 AD  with seven loaves of bread respectively. We can see that together, there were in excess of 9,000 men who witnessed these two events. If we were alive then, these reports could have been checked and if they were a lie, then Christianity has always had enough enemies willing to expose such accounts as a lie; but the silence in such cases speaks to the authenticity of these two events. Thirdly and finally, if we look again at even the most contentious issues, the number of named people at the court trial, of Jesus Christ for example followed by the election to whip Jesus Christ until His flesh was torn from His body by the Roman garrison of 600 Roman soldiers, which later can be used to counter the unfounded claim by many Muslims that the body of Christ was switched; followed then by His public crucifixion, to act as deterrent to others not to oppose the empire of Rome, and then followed by His public burial and then finally His public resurrection from death days later (in Matthew Chapter 27) when He was seen by more than 511 people as evidenced in 1 Corinthians 15:3-8, these are more than sufficient eye witness accounts to establish the grounds in a court of law today to be upheld as the truth.

Which Religion is Right?
Which Religion is Right?
Noah’s Ark evidence

Which Religion Is Right

So not only does the Holy Bible explain why you and I are here in theological terms; but it provides sufficient eye witness third party evidence of the influence of God on His people against a hostile backdrop of those who do not believe in the God of Moses.
You can come to God through faith but you can also come based on the length and breadth of the evidence of what is written in the Holy Bible.

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