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Is the theory of evolution true

The theory of evolution?

We are told that all life shares a common ancestor that evolved from a single cell.

Is the theory of evolution true?

 Is the theory of evolution true

Most of the theories of evolution come out of Charles Darwin’s work. Who Is Right would like to draw your attention to three critical issues. See: C.R.Darwin, Notebook B (“Text only”):
[Transmutation of species (1837-1838)].
9 CUL-DAR121. Transcribed by Kees Rookmaaker.

See  lines 45, 101 and 216 of Darwin’s original notes: HERE ,on the left hand column,
(To search Darwin’s notes, insert a line               reference between “Back” and “Next” at the top and centre). Alternatively, scroll up and then down the centre left for the translation, focusing on finding the evidence in the following lines below. Simply click on the “x” at the top left of your screen to close the opened tab and return to us. :

See lines 3-4
Darwin believed that there was not one human race but two and we now know this to be both wrong and offensive:

” child of savage not civilized man”

Secondly, At the time of his writing Darwin believed that God created mankind and animals who then evolved. Click here to see Lines 45, 101 and 216 of Darwin’s notes.

“The Creator has made tribes of animals…” Line 45

In same manner God orders each animal created with certain form in certain country...” Line 101

Science contradicts itself

First Law of Thermodynamics Summary
The First Law of Thermodynamics states that
energy can neither be created nor destroyed, only altered in form. So there could never have been a “Big bang” or any form of evolving creation of solar systems and world. Please do your own independent research. You could start here:

Evidence of God!
The day has now come where the laws of science can prove that God is real and that the world and humanity came into existence by design and not by an evolutionary accident. In less than 30 minutes of watching the video below this matter will be settled forever.

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For more hard evidence of the existence of  God visit our section: Which religion is right  




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By the time Darwin’s notes were transferred into print in the book “Origin of the Species” in 1871, Charles Darwin’s faith in God had died. But like most other evolution theorists, Darwin skipped step 1 and never explained where the first subject of evolution came from.

What are our children taught in schools about the origins of man?

The UK National Curriculum updated last 2015 in its Year 6 (approximately age 10) program of study under the heading:

“Evolution and Inheritance” half way down the page under its “Notes and guidance (non-statutory)”

“Pupils might find out about the work of paleontologists such as Mary Anning and about how Charles Darwin and Alfred Wallace developed their ideas on evolution.” Confirm for yourself. Use an internet search engine with the following enquiry: National curriculum Biology year 6 evolution and inheritance details and later in Key Stage 4 or click here:

Subject content – Biology

Biology is the science of living organisms
(including animals, plants, fungi and microorganisms) and their interactions with each other and the environment. The study of biology involves collecting and interpreting information about the natural world to identify patterns and relate possible cause and effect.

Evolution, inheritance and variation (Key Stage 4: Ages 10-11)

•the genome as the entire genetic material of an organism
•how the genome, and its interaction with the environment, influence the development of the phenotype of an organism
•the potential impact of genomics on medicine
•most phenotypic features being the result of multiple, rather than single, genes
•single gene inheritance and single gene crosses with dominant and recessive phenotypes
•sex determination in humans
•genetic variation in populations of a species
the process of natural selection leading to evolution ????
•the evidence for evolution
•developments in biology affecting classification
•the importance of selective breeding of plants and animals in agriculture
•the uses of modern biotechnology including gene technology; some of the practical and ethical considerations of modern biotechnology



The following image will be committed to memory

Origins of man


Evolution is not plausible.

Who Is Right recommends that you do your own research. You might want to ask the following questions: What is the probability that the world was created?

What is the probability of the universe coming into existence the way evolutionists describe?

You may be disappointed to find out how
unlikely it really is that the universe and the world evolved.
The spontaneous generation of life from non-life has never been observed and that the odds against it are so huge that it is just not plausible. Time does not make the impossible, possible; and this is why it is a theory and not a law.

Pay very close attention to how evolutionists
answer the question: where did the first,
peptide, alpha-globin molecule, amino acid, ocean, or cell come from?

Scientists will discover the answer one day!


Most of them agree what were the first two or three elements/gases that might have been
present at “the start of time.”
Unfortunately, regardless of how you reorganise these, it has not reproduced the universe or life.
It is a dead end.

Next step

If you now recognise that the theory of
evolution is flawed and incomplete then go to the “Next step” page and pray the “Salvation prayer”.

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